What makes Soco gallery unique

Soco gallery brings the best up and coming artists to fruition.  Soco does alot more than just exhibit artists at the gallery.  Our organization promotes and funds the artists through networks of exhibitions around the world and financial aid from donators.

Our goal is to bring opportunity to creative minds that would not otherwise have the networks to do so.  Soco strives to repair the drive behind the art industry as much as possible away from pure monetization of art.  We believe art is a creative expression that deserves it's own merit not valued by brokers but valued for it's meaning and significance in the social and human related contexts.

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Soco Gallery Staff

Ali Mosefa

Ali Mosefa is Soco's Director.  She founded Soco in 1982 in Austin Texas.  Ali has worked in the art gallery, auctions, and museum fields.  She hold a Ph.D in Art History from Yale and numerous honorary degrees.

Laura Corina

Laura Corina is Soco's gallery manager.

She researches and finds new artists to exhibit and support.

Laura holds a Ph.D in Art History and a Masters in Management.

Her vision is as pure as an artists.  She is a keen critic and publisher.

Alexander Mehl

Alexander Mehl director Soco's public relations.  He has worked in Galleries in New York, LA, San Francisco, London, Rome, Toykyo and Paris.

Alex has a Masters in Management and has 30 years experience in public relations.

Leonor Pratt

Leonor Pratt is Soco's financial and funding director.  Leonor has a Ph.D in economics and a Masters in Finance.  Leonor has 15 years experience as an arts and culture fund raiser.  She raises the funds for our grants and exhibitions.


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