Soco Artist on Exhibition

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor has a unique and eccentric form of painting.   His paintings show the explicit darkness within.  Some of the characteristics of his abstract painting are violence, depression, and disorder.

Eia Mella

Eia Mella is an Italian painter with remarkable clarity and accuracy.  Her paintings are figurative yet painting with small colorful vignettes.  Portraits and objects are Eia's favorite subjects.

Sabrina Soliz

Sabrina Soliz is a Spanish painter that focuses on contemporary and cotidian images.  Eia loves to create portraits and landscapes with a photographic accuracy but stylized like a print.

Gaia Meas

Gaia Meas is a Greek artists that bring the best of color spectrum use and contrast in her abstract depictions of historical events.  Gaia's paintings truly convey the feeling behind world historical events.

Jorge Suarez

Jorge Suarez is a Columbian painter that creates distorted depictions of current day politicians and celebrities.  Each portrait is a personification of his thoughts on the subject.

Andres Rojas

Andres Rojas is a venezuelan painter who depicts sound in images.  His paintings subjects are musical, industrial, social and impossible sounds.   His abstract images convey the essence of the sounds at a sentient level.


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